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Experiencing energy healing practices can give you a different way of wellness


Energy healing practices in the world of energies is a good to pick for me. Before, I was more on the scientific side but some years ago, I had been introduced to the holistic approach and this really changed my mind and my understanding about the body. I understood that the body is something very complex. Its not just something that you can touch but its also something that you can feel and I start to feel the energies like the aura and the {inaudible). Then I started to learn about the {inaudible} and slowly, I started to use it to my practice. So, yes, now, I can say that I am from lever of this approach and what is amazing, I think is that you can sometimes not touch the person when youre doing a massage for instance or reiki session or perhaps you shall get to the person on their {inaudible} as well {inaudible} and something happened. And sometimes, we have all the modalities. You touch such a gentle way that youre thinking but what this healer or practitioner is doing on my body, I feel nothing and after the session, things changed. So, its a world that you cant explain which world is really a feeling world. When I have some client for treatment and I want to use this kind of modality, I briefly explain what I want to do and what is the modality but the most important thing is I ask the client is to remember that not to believe me just to experience. Because with the energies, everybody is experiencing in a different way and there are some modalities that work in a better way for you than another one. So yes, definitively, I can recommend to try this approach with the energy healing practices.

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