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People will lose things for not having an emotional intelligence


What is emotional intelligence and why is it important? Is emotional IQ overrated? Oh my gosh! In the eternal battle between emotions, powerful emotions produced by a {inaudible}. There are some people who are emotional and some people are not emotional. They already inherited {inaudible baggage so to speak. The eternal battle between emotions and logic. Emotion will always win and logic will always lose. That system is where it is. Thats why people do stupid things because theyre emotional. There is no intelligence in emotions. {inaudible} knowing {inaudible} that {inaudible} eat {inaudible} emotions {inaudible} and hes gonna eat. Hes gonna taste that emotion, that feeling so to speak. So, absolutely, no intelligence in emotions. It is just a reaction which is produced by your {inaudible} so to speak. Now, in terms of IQ, Oh my gosh! When I was a kid, I was, Like now overloaded {inaudible} I couldnt {inaudible} but this is how {inaudible} made me. He didnt want me to sit there with all the kids to listen to the teacher which {inaudible} doing most of the time, so they decided, they told my mom that something was wrong with me and I needed to go {inaudible} checked out. I was what, 12 years old. In 1962, we didnt have {inaudible}. We know we had is {inaudible}. I {inaudible} from me. My mother which is scorpio is very smart. She said, {inaudible} my sons brain and thats why maybe I became Dr Turi and I kept my sanity all along. They didnt fry my brain. Thats all they knew. Now, all the people, all my teachers, I recall, they {inaudible} but {inaudible} because I knew better inside out. They used to put me on stage and say, You know what, class {inaudible} He will never speak English, he will be a loser, he will get nowhere because he doesnt listen. inaudible} Thats why hes not gonna be with us for long. So, right in front of the entire I was put down, ok. And I was going like this at the back {inaudible} because I already knew that even though if you hurt myself, they couldnt kill me, they couldnt kill my spirit because its too strong and I knew it from the inside. So, when you look at these people. These people {inaudible}to check on your IQ. You can get the parrots and me and youre gonna get the parrot the bible and youre gonna give me the bible and youre going to ask me to memorize the bible. I have no memory. I cant remember my telephones. I dont remember places, anything. Thats how we are made. Now the parrots going to recite the bible from A-Z and the bible will be classified as an incredible genius IQ because now he has{inaudible} reconnection, recollection of memory. Now, thats not how you check IQ. This is not how you check intelligence because the big difference between being educated and being intelligent {inaudible} religious or scientific inaudible}.So the people that are doing the {inaudible} Excuse my French, I should not say that, they are not cosmic conscious enough to bring the right judgment because I myself was a victim of this type of IQ testing and now, at 63 years old, I am teaching who is {inaudible} America. I have done so much more. From a foreign country coming in the United States with $50 not French{inaudible, no place to stay, nothing. I was homeless. {inaudible} Social Security Number. Look at me now, I got it all. I built{inaudible} because I know better than those who have classified me as being a moron, an uneducated and a poor IQ lower level. So, do not ever, ever remotely trust those who are judging you when they do not even know who they are because they dont have cosmic consciousness. The people {inaudible}thats all they know.It doesnt make them as I said, stupid or moron, excuse my French again. It just make them unconscious.

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