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5 things to keep people happy at work


Hello. We are going to change the world right now by focusing on the five things that you can keep in mind to keep people happy at work. If you know that the brain likes these five things and most people don't leave jobs just for money. If people have a sense of status on the job, they have a noble purpose. They feel that they have some kind of status. That is a good thing. If they have some kind of certainty knowing a little bit what's coming next. Never being blind sided by crisis or things that are coming down the pipe that they were not informed of. So they need the certainty. Everybody needs to have a little bit of autonomy. Nobody likes to have somebody breathing down their neck telling them every single thing they have to do. As a matter of fact, that's why entrepreneurs usually start up their own businesses because they really don't like to take orders from other people. Our relatedness, people have to know why, what they are doing is important and how it fits into the big picture. And everybody needs to have a sense of fairness on the job. There has to be a sense of fairness and justice. And if you are looking to keep your talent. Even if you want to understand yourself a little better keep these things in mind: status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness. Because the brain gravitate towards those things. Those things make a person feel comfortable and have a sense of well being where they are. And here's another little secret. When it comes to relationships and you want your relationship to be good when you are running a start up because you may have one person working for you. When you get along a little bit and you may have to. You may even grow. As you grow, it's important to realize, you want your people to flourish. There's a ratio of 3:1, passive, comments to negative. And when you are managing your team, be very [inaudible] and be mindful of what comes out of your mind because for every negative comment you make, and it doesn't have to be a personal negative comment. It could just be a negative comment directed at somebody, something didn't work. You have to give three positive sincere comment as well. And if you do that, the employee will thrive and the relationship between you start upon entrepreneur and your team will thrive. And if you want to take steps further and bring it into your personal life if you're dealing with intimate relationships like a husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, bestfriends. For every negative comment that you make, put five positives in the path. And that will lead to the relationship flourishing. There's so much empirical data on this. And it is such a simple thing. Why doesn't everybody pay attention to it. There's a big payback for a small change in the way you operate.

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