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You have to be clear on what job or profession you really would like


If you hate your job and you hate your profession. First, I would recommend, obviously you need to change. If you don't like your job or profession, you need to be really clear. First of all, what job and profession that you really really like and what are you really good at and what would really make you happy. What towards that goal of becoming and doing that profession. But before that, anytime that we feel like we hate something or we're not happy about it, we must remember that we are creating our own reality. So in some way, whether direct or indirectly, you created that job for yourself and you got in that profession. It's really you I see to blame to the circumstances right? Isn't to blame the people you work with or your boss or the whole profession for your unhappiness and hating it but in actuality, it's you. It's you who's not adapting. It's you who's not looking at it the right way. It's you who's not making the effort to make it better. So first of all, before you just say I hate my job and my profession, you got to look at yourself. And realize why are you creating this situation that you hate. So do the best you can in the job you're in and in the profession that you're in. Do the very best that you can until you are able to change and shift into a job or profession that you feel like you really would like. And remember, the way you do in anything is pretty much the way you're going to do in everything. If you're not working very hard and not try very much to enjoy the work you are doing now. Even if you find something you think is going to be better, you will probably going to have the same problem again. Remember, it all start with you. You create your reality. So you got to change your perception of your life first and then get real clear on what really your purpose and find the right profession for you.

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