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Some people only seek for counseling when they experience depression


The days that people sought help for how professionals only because theyve experience serious problems all at (inaudible) of course if somebody suffers from serious depression any illness on-going problems with anger and other emotions they should seek immediate help. Today I see more and more people coming for coaching because they want to take their life to the next level (inaudible) their relationships their personal life their spirituality or their house people realize that they have much more potential that what they actually used and that they are capable of achieving more, when you become comfortable almost landing in the rocks with the (inaudible) for instance you may want to take a (inaudible) we either find another job that is more challenging or go for the promotion and thats a stage when people approach me for coaching they want to learn new skills, they want to (inaudible) themselves of any limiting beliefs and emotions, they want to improve their relationships even when it is already good, they want to improve their (inaudible) levels make sure that they have done deteriorate and take the risk and mistakes to be better, eat better and live healthier lives nothing better really good thing its a pity that they (inaudible) such poverty and that the people that really, really need the assistance cannot afford to come to coaches, psychologist, counsellors and healers.

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