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There is no way to split the body, mind, and soul


Well, what are my (inaudible) of the mind, body connection and how strong it is link but tell you what Im already a (inaudible) when I explain how the mind is connected to your (inaudible) but days you cant separate you just cannot separate the mind, body the soul connection it is, it is an, it is an inherent and (inaudible) linked it is an omnipresent linked youre not just make a blog of flesh and bones you have a soul and spirit is this enough isnt it? I think science is not aware of the spiritual make up or any human being outside of the (inaudible) excepted discipline which is, which is something to (inaudible) even at (inaudible) there is a soul or a spirit some you opt your perception of what the mind and the body connection is all about it has been a form your own make up with (inaudible) minds and then with if you have a very advance (inaudible) let say for example you spend quite a lot of times and you know these get in to the spirits to spirituality and then that you will be (inaudible) and that means on the religious side but if you by pass the fear on the communication of thoughts you will have your own faith but at the same time you will aim to a different level of perception and manifestation of the soul so, if days absolutely not, not whats the word, Im looking for words theirs is not a single way to slits the body, the mind and your soul its all a units we are very conflicts human beings are a strong conflicts okay and you could see the wonder of whats sciences accomplish we made a strong progress we need a long time we have a technology of this world okay, (inaudible) GPS, computers we have made so many things in, in the world of science and physics we have done incredible accomplishments and thats wonderful now we need to bring it back to the spirits we need to bring that same accomplishments okay, to level up wisdom the physical and the spiritual manifestation as a unit and this is whats happening when you look at it okay, the age of (inaudible) which is (inaudible) which is a (inaudible) point called Neptune is more Neptune is not an intellectual (inaudible) but it is what? So the last 2000 years more sinned under the NG of faith and religion and thats why of course we have created an 800 and 75 different location and in the process of endless war because you know, your good is better than someone else that, that, that stupidity number one of humanity now when you look at it the age of a (inaudible) is, is rule by the planet called Uranus or (inaudible) developed sky in that Uranus is very intellectual in fact despite (inaudible) Aquarius and Aquarius was a genesis of the zodiac okay, and Im not saying that because that ( inaudible) Im saying this because its a fact Einstein was born with a year (inaudible) Aquarius okay so this one its has allowing (inaudible) last 50 years since it took over to jump and make much more discovering in the last 50 years that we spend of his controls through an eviction the last 2000 years he spend to that Neptune power so Neptune has his time he created all these branches of religions of their own and not to forget you know, colds and (inaudible) with it. The age of Aquarius is a very different type of (inaudible) because its universal it, it brings everything back together again its based upon brotherhood, human hood its based on human-tory needs and fulfilling your (inaudible) in fact our president is in a, is on a dragons tail its completely (inaudible) thats why he President Obama the President of the poor people and he share the same type of (inaudible) which will called then the (inaudible) princes of the people so basically there is no accidents when you have a way to transpired is starting by looking at things peoples accomplishment and it allows me to understand through the cast because where they come from and where theyre going and sometime is not exactly.

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