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Realize how phenomenal you are


The simple way to feel good about yourself it is realizing that you are who am I you've to take a moment and breathe, breathe in and feel the moment of silent and ask yourself who am I, what is my essence, and what is am I phenomenal, that question it's the most beautiful question that I always ask myself every day and I look at myself and I say I am a woman, phenomenal woman, and I say my name is Carol Methebula and yes it does take me through the day and that is already very powerful for me every day and that makes me realize the simplicity and the honourable of knowing that the first thing that I have it is to thank the woman who carries me which is Carol Methebula and to realize how phenomenal she is and then everything around me become secondary, the success it lies within me realizing the honour of my existence, the community that I live around there it lies with, they are part of my existence so this has made me to realize the simplicity and how to be a part of this beautiful life it's really, really it is to really honour me and say the simplicity of my life begins with our sexually born thank you very much.

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