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Misconceptions regarding hypnosis


_____Patricia Mc Adam___ I think the misconception stems from the staged hypnosis, you know, the whole clacking like chicken and feeling that you're really out of control and you are not out control. Uhm, so It's very, it very important to differentiate between that. And we were talking about what really what is hypnosis, hypnosis is simply a guided, I like to explain it as a guided meditation, a guided visualization. And we, actually, we're in trances all the time whether we realize it or not. So you know how sometimes you're, you're driving your car and perhaps it's on a long stretch of highway, and your mind, you're just, your mind goes into something and you're thinking about something then all of a sudden, you almost like, you come to, you haven't passed out but you're still driving, you just, you wonder, you, you forget those past, those last seconds. So that, it's in a trance, it's just at a focused attention. Uh, another thing, too is nature, you know, if you're on a beach and you're watching the sunset, you're hearing the, the waves lapping up on shore and if you focus so much on that, on that, that sense of meditation and sense of relaxation, again it's a focused attention then you can quite easily be in a trance. So that's all it is. So that's, uh, we are again, we are in trances all the time, we just really don't know that uhm. So for the hypnosis, so people are in control, uh, there's some people that go into deeper relaxation than other people and uhm, the reason why we want to do hypnosis is because that change happens on an unconscious level and when were conscious, you know, awaken into our problems. You can't solve a problem when you're focused on your problem. You need to be in another state, a more relaxed state. And that's how we get to, we use hypnosis to just uh, to instil positive suggestions and to make those changes.

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