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Gratitude and appreciation are key to happiness


What makes people truly happy. Love? Affection? Patience? I think most us [inaudible]. The first, will you have to have some basic needs that before you can be happy. But having said that I've worked with people with very very poor situations. Come to times, when indeed appreciate that situations. And so I think that gratitude and appreciation are key to happiness. I also think that taking responsibility is key to happiness. So seem both you can do to take control of the famous that surrounds you, with your relationships. Maybe of your immediate environment. How can you make it more comfortable? How can you make things look more statistically pleasing. Because these are all important to slow and to allow most those hierarchy of needs such as of all we need to meet like physical needs like food, water. And then we need to meet security needs like shelter, safety. And then we need to meet our educational needs and then we need to meet the social needs. And then we need to meet higher needs on its personal development. I think it probably doesn't work quiet as neatly as that. It's much more like spirals that we meet a need and then needs keep nation to be mad. Some go round in spirals. So the only thing that really matters is simplify our lives as much as possible. So get rid of any excess baggage. Anything that's no longer use for. Do you really need to buy that. Do you really need to go there? And see if you can appreciate what's happening right now. And when the people around you, all the people around you who'd you think are going to fulfill all your needs, well then you're going to find yourself giving them and you an impossible tasks.. So it's much more beneficial to appreciate whoever is around you. Just look like roomy. The poet said 'Welcome whoever comes through the door. Even if they come with bad news, even if they come with intentions which are negative. You'll be happy if you greet them with joy. Treat them as a messenger from beyond. Thank you.

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