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Your body speaks to your mind


So, I feel very strongly that there is a mind-body connection and this is something that Ive experienced myself when I went through period of my life of extreme anxiety and heart attacks which I never experienced before in my life. And it really got me thinking, whats going on and it was interesting because I supposed over the years, as I re-immerse myself in personal development and read amazing books on mind-body spirit, that my first instinct wasnt to think, Oh, there must be something physically wrong with me. My first thought was, Whats going on for me right now? So, when I was feeling the anxiety and I was feeling the panic attack, it was really scary. I really had to think about what was going on for me in my life at that stage and what was helping to create that level of anxiety or what was contributing to that level of anxiety. And when I topped into that , it really got me thinking and it gave such a great insight and interesting, you know, when you work on whats going on in your life and whats going on in your head, the impact they have on you and your body is immense. I worked with a health coach and she really took a very holistic approach around, you know, if you are feeling that you have digestive issues, for example, where is that stemming from. And I think thats really probably the most powerful question you can ask is when you are feeling or experiencing a level of pain in your body. Yes, there would be medical reasons absolutely but its also important to think about whats going on in your head and remember that we read fantastic book in a bookshop in London and it was your body speaks to your mind and something like that. I forgot the exact title. I just lent it out to somebody and to be honest with you, it had a such impact on me because it was helping me to see some of the connections between what was going on in my body and what was going on in my head. For me, that was a real eye opener because it showed that I really need to truly work on what was going on in my head and what was happening in my life, whether stress related,. Whatever it was, it really got me thinking. But if I want my body to be performing at an optimum level, then I need to be make sure that my mind is performing at an optimum level. And for years, Ive been very conscientious as well as exercising or if you will. I like to go for walks. I like to go swimming. I used to go to gym I loved it before I had my son and its something that I go. I have a weekly yoga practice and its something that I really feel very very strongly about. That when you invest in looking after your body and invest looking after your mind, the two together, coming together can really help you to rise up to a higher level of performance and for me, thats what life is all about. How can I perform better? How can I perform in a higher level? And if I choose to ignore whatever is going on in my body or whatever is going on in my head then ultimately, that is not going to be a satisfactory result and I need the two to work together in conjunction to help me get to the levels that I want. And obviously, this talks to energy level as well. We have so many different things that we want to do in our lives. Theres so many things that we want to experience. If we dont have the energy and if the vehicle that we experience life in our body, if thats not coming along with us in our journey, then it really does have an impact and so I really think, I feel very strongly that there is a very strong mind body connection and its only that when you become aware and aware of whats going on in your body, that you really sought to see those connections. And for me, working with a health code, actually help me to see those because I was able resolve issues far quicker rather than letting them get worst in their actual physical manifestation of it get worst. So I completely believe in it.

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