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Conscious observer, some call it spiritual faculty


__________Timothy hayes__________ rather than talk about it as different parts or sides of the brain, uhm..the..the explanations that make more sense and they're functional, they tend to translate better into actually helping peoplethat I've heardover the past fifteen years that really hold together and make sensehave to do withthe same behaviours that you're observingbut it's aboutwhat gets activated? Sothis mind, the brain that's in hereis like a hard driveand it works on a lot of resonance so..when..y-you know the law of resonance with tuning forks if you've got, you know, A through G tuning forkssitting in little wouldn't boxes and they're all quiet I'd bring up a middle C tuning fork and I tap itand hold it next to the A through G the only one that's gonna resonate isthe middle C tuning fork, the A and the B and the D, they're all gonna stay quiet because they're not, they don't have the same atomic magnetic frequency. __________JJ Thiret__________ Right __________Timothy hayes__________ Well, if I haveinformation stored in my brain, from past experience or from the energetics I inherited from my parents, that set me up to respond in a certain waywhen the trigger from the outside hits my senses, it comes up in meand I don't have any choiceabout it coming up in me if I've developed another level of observing myselfsomeone called a spiritual faculty someone call it developing the watchers it has different... __________JJ Thiret__________ Conscious observer..yeah __________Timothy hayes__________ The conscious observer uhm..the the practice ofwatching your own thoughts, you know, homosapiens sapien <?> and knows that he knows far as we know where the only creature that has that capacity to step back and watch out thoughts... __________JJ Thiret__________ Know that we know that we know..Yeah __________Timothy hayes__________ Right, so we're the only ones that have the capacity to step back and watch ourthoughts. If I've developed that capacity, then I can watch myself getting triggered, see theresponse I can't stopthisflood of emotions or these impulse to act in a certain way fromcoming up inme but if I'm watching it happen, I can choose not to act on it,

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