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Understanding who you are is the best way to make changes in your life


Did you know that one of the best ways to make changes in your life is to understand who you are? When you're trying to add something into your daily routine if its to be better in shapes you add in exercise or to spend more time with your family or to take more time in your daily become mindful and practice meditation. What strategies are going to work for you are not necessarily the strategies that are going to work for me. You have to understand what works for you. If you are the kind of personality type of person that is laid back and doesn't like to be scheduled and needs to understand why you're doing something? And you got to think about that. If you are the kind of person who likes to be go-go-go when it's overly scheduled and never has a moment to your break. Then you know you need to schedule things into your life. You need to understand why you're doing them and understand the value of them. If you understand why you need more meditation of your mind from this in your life? And you can stop and say This is why I need it. This is how I'm going to prioritize it. And this is why I'm going to put it in my schedule. I actually have it. Beep. And tell us I'm going to do your daily mindful meditation. Then you are more likely to adapt to that changed. I continue it. Because the only way that you can make a change is if you learn to build it in into your life and practice it all the time. What are some of the benefits of meditation of mindfulness? If you are busy, successful person you might think I'm busy and successful already. But think it this way. Could you be more successful? Are there areas in your life that you can improve upon? Is there something missing that you would like to gain? Could your performance be enhanced? Perhaps it could be if you took more time to build in to meet your own needs. I would suggest even if you built in 15 minutes twice a day to practice some mindful meditation. To be more aware what's going on around you and more aware of what you need to take that mental health break. And you're not going to do randomly. You're going to build into your schedule and you're going to say Everyday the same time, before my 10 o'clock meeting. Or before I go home or before I go to bed I'm going to take the time to do what I need to do. And after a while, because part of your team and you, start to see the benefit of it. So the first step is for you to know who you are, what you need, and then knocking the changes that I hope you get there and help you stick with it.

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