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You need to choose to get out of the environment that makes you anxious


Hi, this is Linda Guirey, The Choice Champion. What advice would I give someone who hates their job, who hates their professional life? I would give them an opportunity to take a step back. You see, you create your life one choice at a time and if youre in an environment that you hate, thats toxic, thats causing you to be anxious and unhappy all the time, why would you be doing it because its affecting your health every single day. Positive people, theres so much research out there that shows that positive people are happier, theyre healthier, theyre more productive and they live longer. So, if its a choice, what are you going to choose? You need to choose to get out of that environment. Its going to take steps but the initial plan to take those steps and the intent to change that job will give you a completely different outlook. You have to identify what is causing this problem. You have to look at them authentic to yourself. Look the life that you want to look, not the life that others expect of you. Theres a saying which says, Most people are born originals that die as copies. Look the life you want. Dont regret it at the end your life. Create your happiness. One choice at a time and if that means changing your job then that what you should do. You are in control of your life every single day. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and say, This is not working and create it. What is it that you want to do? What are your values? Whats important to you? What makes you so energized and happy to get up in the morning? What do you love to do? That is your starting point. Create your life one choice at a time. Choose your happiness. Dont stay in an environment that makes you anxious, that makes you negative because its affecting you emotionally and its affecting your health. Dont give someone else that control. This is Linda Guirey, The Choice Champion.

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