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Energy healing is something that can be acquired by everyone


So lets talk a little bit about energy healing and energy fields. Im coming at this question from my training as a Craniosacral therapy practitioner. Now, Craniosacral therapy is related to feeling a pulse that is generated from the brain and the pulse goes out into the cerebrospinal fluid which is in a sac that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and the pulse then is transmitted out through the nerves and through various parts of the body, so thats the theory. Some of the theories have been observed and practiced clinically and so at least there is a physical aspect to it and also some of the latest stages of the Craniosacral therapy training involve using energy modalities. So, lets talk a little bit about those. Now, there are a lot of books out there which written from a spiritual perspective lets say, we have an energy field and that we have things called chakras or chakros depending on which side of the Atlantic youre on and that we have energy lines from a Chinese medicine perspective and that the intersection of these energy lines creates nadis and chakras and basically energy portals in the body and these portals are where energy comes in and out of the body ,in addition to through the breath, you know when you breathe in and breathe out. So, there is scientifically very little evidence for these things right now and it could just be because science is unable to measure them effectively. It doesnt mean that they dont exist, but it also means that weve at least using more materialistic, scientific means, we have yet to show that they exist. However, you know, the limitations with scientific perspective is that scientists perhaps unable to measure everything and is certainly really having a hard time measuring more subtle aspects of the human body such as energy portals or where, you know, energy lines cross or move down the body. So, Ive come to this from a more practical perspective. In addition to Craniosacral Im also able to feel the energy field or as it is called the auric field around the body and the field that is supposed to be generated from energy that is kind of, you know, emitted from the body and, you know, at the same time energy also going into the body. So, the field which is supposed to be dynamic and changing is something that some people can feel, other people can see it. Im fortunate enough to be able to feel it. I feel it with the palms of my hands and I can be several inches away to maybe up to 2 or 3 feet from someone or a plant or a tree and feel differences in the energy field. And the difference is that I perceive changes in temperature from, you know, slightly warm or room temperature to cold and there are also gaps in the energy fields. So, for example, its as if, imagine the hole in a doughnut, I would feel the energy in terms of the outside of the doughnut and then if I put my hand over where the hole would be in the doughnut there is literally a hole in the energy field, its like there is a physical whole but obviously its not physical its just something that we cannot see but I can perceive it through my hands. So, often thats some sort of trauma or psychological event thats caused these sort of things trauma being physical trauma. So, in addition to temperature and, you know, holes, theres also Ive noticed that there is changes in the density of the field as well. So, towards the closer the body sometimes the field feels denser to me as if I was putting my hand in a very thick mist of {inaudible} of water droplets. Its the kind of sensation I can kind of say that I get. Other times, if I move my hand further away from the plant or the person or the animal, then I may notice the energy field thins out as if there is a very light tingling on my hands. And so, this is something that can be perceived by some people, yet to be scientifically validated. I believe that it exists personally and from my experience and its a form of energy that I can move around with my hands and I have actually had a therapy about 20 years ago, did that to me back in Britain called bio-energy healing. So, maybe, Im a little bit prejudice as to whether this exists but my experience says that it does and Im just looking forward to the time when researchers can catch up maybe in the next 20 to 50 years and find that maybe there is more to this. Thanks for watching.

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