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Meditate & stay focused


Challenging dealing with anxiety. The thing is, something that Ive noticed not only in myself but in many of my clients is that we all seem to have this little level of anxiety. So, number one, if youre an anxious person, do know that, you know what, most people have that underlying anxious feeling just vibrating in the background. So, youre not alone, number one. Number two, a lot of anxious people live in their mind, ok? Always constantly worrying, what am I gonna say next? What am I gonna next? What do I have to do next? Did I forget to do my groceries? Do I need to pay my bills? Oh my God, I need to have a meeting tomorrow. Like, it just doesnt stop and if its not thinking about whats next, sometimes its in the past going, Oh my God, I shouldnt have set that. I shouldnt have done that. Oh my God, I cant believe that person talked to me that way. Oh my God, its making me feeling like crap. So, anxious, if you consider yourself an anxious person, stop for a moment and ask yourself, Am I living my life here more here on earth to feed on the ground and aware and focus on what am I doing or am I constantly in my mind? So, if your answer is, Geese, Im pretty much in my mind quite a bit, then you need to become more present. You need to connect with what youre doing and catch yourself when youre doing something and thinking five different things at the same time. Stop that and really focus. It could be as simple as, as you walk through your door with your car keys in your hand. Take it, put them on the hook. Look at yourself putting them on the hook. Get back. Take your shoes off. Take your coat off. Hang it. Pay attention to everything that youre doing, every step that youre taking and you know what? Itll be difficult. Extremely challenging at first but when you start becoming more present and grounded and in your skin, youll feel this anxious. So, try this. Try this little exercise, I call it the, Be present exercise. So, whatever you do, really focus and pay attention to what youre doing and you make it yourself. Going back to in your mind and thinking these zillion things are going back and going..damn, it was on my mind again! But guess what, when you go, Damn it was on my mind again, youre present. Ok? So, the number one biggest tip is work on becoming present and if you want to not only to do this exercise but includes some meditation where you can really zone in and top into, what it feels like to just be grounded and solid and whole and not anxious. Wow, you probably just feel it just by looking at me how it is. Its very relaxing and calming. The thing is , it requires work. It requires practice. Just like, you know, going to walk as a child. It takes a few tries , quite a few tries before achieving it. So dont give up. Meditate. Concentrate on becoming focused and pay attention to that thinking in. Stop it if its useless.

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