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You control the choices you make, make good choices


So the question is you're always poor, like financially poor is a self-esteem link. I don't think it's self-esteem link at all. I think it's about the way you think or approach. I would suggest that you read this book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I think it really helps. It explains us to how and why people are in a financial situation that they find themselves in. So if you think like a poor man, you'll probably live like a poor man. If you think like a rich man, you'll live like a rich man. It's quite simple so what do I mean by think like a rich man. Think like a rich man means for symbol your attitude means to be not about I can afford. Your attitude should be how can I afford this. Because the moment you say I can't afford, you're essentially telling your brain to stop thinking about a solution. When you say how can I afford this, you then motivate your brain to start working for you. The brain is a muscle too so make it flex, make it work. Make it work for you, I mean, you own it. You control it. You can absolutely make it do whatever you want. So motivate your brain to start thinking about how you can afford things and access things and have certain things. And the solution that your brain comes up, I think, you'll be pleasantly surprised to what's possible. Another thing is don't live beyond your means. The problem people have whenever they get money they go crazy. So maybe your income is let say $5000.00 a month. You have $5000.00, you have like a bunch of credit cards, you think credit card is cash but it's not. Credit card is actually unsecured loans from the banks. You actually have a loan. The bank has loaned you some money. And you're then using that loan. So when you come to the realization that a credit card is not cash and it's actually loan, the bank has loaned you that money. You will then maybe adjust your spending accordingly and you won't get crazy. Also keep in mind that Robert Kiyosaki talks about this thing about being your self first. What this means is essentially whenever you get a pay check or any money, first reward yourself and then pay your bills. I am not asking you to not pay your bills. Definitely pay them in a way that you will first be able to take care of yourself and then pay the bill afterward. Pay them. Maybe don't pay them fully. Stretch your dollar out as much as possible. The reason why I'm saying that is that when you have, when you are your own boss and you are your business owner, in order to maintain of flow of cashflow you need to be able to [inaudible] to business and then because that's priority number one. The second priority is then your bills. So you need to be able to manage and juggle finances in such a way that you can support the business and also support your owing, your responsibilities, your bills. So I would say definitely look for Robert Kiyosaki, research for that on youtube. As well as pick up his book from a local library, it's free. And I think that's something I can really help. You control the way you think. And there's a saying that goes with this, "It's not your fault if you were born poor, but it is your fault if you die poor". Because you're dying poor because of the choices that you've made. And you control the choices that you make. So I would suggest that you make good choices, make a dozen choices, making fun in choices. Make the best choices possible but constantly keep learning. Take feedback, take input. Don't go crazy asking everyone. Ask a select few people that you know are definitely honest. And have invested interest in your success. Maybe your spouse, maybe your priest, maybe your parents. Talk to somebody objective like that also talk to somebody that is not directly connected to your life. Like somebody who will give you advise based on your common sense because sometimes common sense is the best sense. Hope that helps, have a wonderful week ahead. Never stop believing in yourself. God bless.

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