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Life happens for us, not to us


It is what it is and the wise thing is..It is perfect. This is a typical belief I have which often causes you to confuse them with people when I share this belief with them. A very common response I receive, what about the crime? What about poverty and What about violence and famine and how can you say that its perfect? Again, Im really to write it. It is what it is. It is what Im telling in my mind to bout what is, what it takes me much. But lets think about this statement for a while from a few different angles. The first angle I want to talk is that by accepting something, it doesnt necessarily mean that I am approving of it. That is the most normal that most people sadly have. In the country where I live, theres a huge problem with poverty and corruption and crime. I have to accept it. It is happening. It is fact. By accepting it, it surely doesnt mean that I am approving of any of those practices. It is only once I start accepting it, then I can start doing something about it. The other approach that I would also suggest that we take care is that, Life happens for us, not to us. So, whenever there is hardship in my life, the question I ask myself is, what is the reason that that is happening for me? and that guides me to the next question which I can ask, what can I learn from that and what can I do about that? Again, life happens for us, it doesnt happen to us. As soon as you start believing that life happens to us, then we become the victim and when Im the victim, Im {inaudible} and I feel that Im incapable of doing something about the problem and every problem has more than one solution. It is the human tendency to get stuck on the problem rather than on the solution.

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