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You become whatever you think


My views on the mind and body connection are very strong and very clear, strong because I think without a doubt there is an enormous connection between the mind and the body we are a hold were not just an a bunch of shelves put together by some sort of biological clue and then in mind secretly not at all we are really one as, as a whole and so whatever you think, whatever I think effects the way your body or my body feels and Im, Ive got plenty of examples first in mind I think but Im when I feel hectic Im less lively to feel (inaudible)that normally I would feel if I feel unhappy or upset or bothered about something if I am laughing I really feel so much better and so much full of energy even if Ive been working really for extensive period of times so no question about it the mind does affect the way my body works and this is a personal kind of statement but going outside of myself, I can mention the work of numerous people in the field a lot of them are people that involved largely in healing or personal development but some of them are, are medical doctors to all these scientist so people like (inaudible) who started as a medical doctor and whos went after aliphatic medicine has really showed an incredible connection between who we are as body materially and who we are as minds and (inaudible) to sort of coming to get to make you feel better. The work of Louis Hay we clearly a lot of connections have been made in the way in which people feel ill or feel unwell emotionally and later on they manifest physical disease. The work or Caroline Mayes and the work of Doctor Windier and the work of Mike Dooley he has a very interesting sort of way of approaching life, we talks about sort become things and that is so true its such a catchy way of describing heart and mind and the body are connected whatever you think you become, as far as Socrates say that long time ago you know, but hes really reminding us of the great potential that we have in ourselves. The work of Candice Prutes has also demonstrated our connection between the psychology of who we are and the effects on our own body and the work of Bruce Lipton which epics ethic being able to change, being able to choose not just be what weve been born with, the work of Richard Gerber, Richard a traditional medical doctor who investigate the potential of vibrational energy to improve the way which we look at (inaudible). The work of Tanya Robins, just making people feel good by really works on their thinking, learning to think positively to make some major changes in their own physical material world, equally the work of James Oshmens, which is very much a sort of a reflection of all the work of the people that Ive been mentioning so I think you look for examples everywhere and youll find them but there is an enormous connection.

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