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It is very important to honor the differences that brought you two together


Hi its Linda Hallet, very important for a healthy relationship is to honor the differences that brought the two of you together its, its very uncommon that two people are identical and have, have no differences at all its the differences that we find intriguing when we first met our partner, its important that the things that we love when were on the romantic phase and make it through that phase and were we decided that were going to share some of our lifetime with this particular soul its important that we honor those differences express our love to this person however we express it and however they need to feel loved for example if we were the person who needs to hear how important they are to us and how much we love make it a point to share that with them dont withhold your love if you need to be held on a regular basis its important for your partner to do that for you, for you to feel love expressing joy the light and lively pieces of us keep the relationship on an upbeat higher vibrational level smile, smile, smile as often as you can smile will cracked the frown of a person whos whether you to just take a strip (inaudible) of us crack a smile and laughter, laughter, enjoy are probably the two most important if a couple can laugh together they can just shatter the icebergs one after the other, very important to respect your partner, respect your partner as you would anyone quite often we tend to respect those that we share works place with or close friend of ours and we tend to neglect the most important person in our lives and thats out partner very important to respect them and I feel at utmost importance right up there with love and laughter is some form of shared spiritual practice doesnt need to be the same belief but it is important that there is a common spiritual thread a belief that there is a higher power thats guiding your relationship very important and that spiritual bond is something that can take your relationship to much higher plane.

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