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Find somebody that you can trust about your problems


What advice would I give to someone who feels anxious all the time how they can break this problem? Actually is a perfect question I think in terms of one of my clients a younger client right now seventeen and athlete higher level athlete and just recently she may have bad choice so I will discuss what but as a result of that she developed anxiety now what about that but choice the anxiety was in her all the time and that bad choice was like the catalyst that boil it over okay so I say will build a monument that bad choice because now we can really deal with whats going on get to the root of it and change anxiety were not supposed to have anxiety all the time and then theres different forms of it I mean in could, we can become devaluated with it this client when she have her moment she can even hear anything in this room, in the room like she just drowned her thing out by anxiety can prevent you from doing things with your life it can prevent you from going to social events because youre afraid you know, anxiety more or less is being living in a state of fear of some capacity, what would I say to somebody who is anxious well, I would say lets figure out why lets not waste any more time you are not born in a world and wasnt (inaudible) your DNA to be have fear within you we are born selfish little creatures and we cry and you know we pee and we get hungry and we want to be feed we want to be hugged we want to be sleep and you know but the things happen on the way and somehow things we started developing behaviours to survive or adopt so anxious is not one of our forms that were born with but it is an adaptation and alternately it is a state of being afraid to some profanity anxious and we need to troubleshoot to understand why that was formed in you when it was formed into you what was going on or what is going on in your life currently that is making you feel that you cant be saved maybe you feel theres a lot of pressure in you that youre a responsible person which happiness in other people is too much pressure maybe its too much pressure put on you or perceive or true or not true that you feel that you must do this and you must do that to make other people happy and its getting tired youre getting tired, your spirit is getting tired and yet you feel that you must do it because you dont want to let people down and alternately by you doing this things or this expectations on you, you feel that, that is the only way youre going to get love from this people regardless what is the issue as to why you feel anxious or where it was formed or how is that affecting you, you need somebody immediately and not that is like its going to you know, because youre like 911 with your life but you should not feel that, why have that in your life when you can choose not to have a life we want our life happy that is why so that were on fire were a free spirit were free flying were soaring our life, anxious you know you cant with anxious youre not getting up fire with anxious its like drowning out on fire and why waste that why waste time because you arent able to have it youre not able to be free in your life and have fire in your life so why waste another moment when dont have to waste another moment so I say seek somebody out that you know worthy to have the job to help understand why that happen for you and that can help untangle you and give you the tools and strategies to change you right now immediately right now actually so, that is my advice, stop dropping rope just find somebody that is as perfect fit for you that you can trust you know to open up to get to the root of why that is happening for you and then to make the changes, make the changes on how you see yourself, changes life, change expectation, give you the tools and strategies maybe that help build confidence within you to use your voice to people if you have to, to tell them that how theyre treating you or their expectations on you how its making you feel so they know that and then theyll stop doing that and you guys will have a better relationship theres many ways, theres many reasons again we must respect you on individual level to understand that your anxious is not you know a prospect for anxious its custom for precisely to you and your travels and your freaking up.

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