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Yes you can change


____Madison____ Do you think people can change? For example someone who has a habit of, of lying or cheating. Something that's, that they've been doing for so long uhm...Do you think that they can break out of it? _____Patricia Mc Adam_____ Absolutely, absolutely. They can break out of it. In NLP, you know, we talk about uhm...we learn behaviors, we learn beliefs. If we can learn something, then we can unlearn it. Uhm, I'm not gonna say it's not gonna be necessarily easy, because any kind of, you wanna figure out, what's the original reason? What is the reason or the belief that this person has that they feel like they need to exhibit those behaviors like uhm, the lying and the cheating or whatever. It sounds like more addictive type, a behaviour, but you wanna kinda go back, "Why? What belief does this person have? Is it about their identity? Their sense of worthiness? Who they are?" Uhm, so that's what I would look at, so absolutely uh, you can, you can change.

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