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30 days mirror exercise to feel more confident


______Milena Ciren____ So what you do is, basically every day you look in the mirror, right deep into your eyes and you say "I LOVE YOU" and you mean it. And when I started doing this exercise the first time, I felt really awkward because I wasn't used to say to myself I love you. And it, it sounds so fake, right? Oh come on I can't say this to myself but the fact was, the more time I said that, the more true it was. And right now, no thought that's not aligned with me loving myself, resonates with me anymore. Even about my body, you know, my body, it is as it is, you know. But I love my body, I love myself. And that's what you achieve with this exercise and when you do that, you, it's way easier to accept the love that other people are giving you. And that's the number one thing I would suggest to anybody that cannot be fulfilled in relationships to start with. To just do the mirror exercise, each time you pass the mirror, you know, you- you could, in the morning when you brush your teeth or in the evening uh, in the middle of the day when you're applying your make up, whatever just look into your eyes and say "I LOVE YOU!", right? This is the number one. The second thing is, to be fine with yourself, be content with who you are. With all your gifts and with all your, those little things that are not working that well for you. Just accept that, nobody's perfect, right? And nobody's looking for a perfect person. So that's uh, and definitely one thing that I would suggest and enjoy life. When you enjoy life, anybody that walks into your life can enjoy life WITH YOU. If you are not used to enjoying life, if you don't find any fun things to do or just, you know, things that make you happy. If you like to read books, read the books. If you like to go for walks, go for walks. Enjoy the time that you spend with yourself because then you can share that with somebody else. There are many aspects of uh... relationships, right? I don't know if we have time to discuss everything but definitely loving yourself, enjoying the time, enjoying in who you are, that's the important thing. And when you go out with a man, be who you are, not who he wants you to be. But who you are! Because if he cannot accept who you are, it's better that he doesn't accept you right away in the beginning of the relationship, right? Because it's gonna come up, anyways, later on.

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