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Finding the right meditation technique that suits your style


Hi, I'm Annie Tse. The key strength idea is to find a meditation technique that works for you. One, that is enjoyable for you before, after, and during the meditation. Now, you may enjoy the meditation on your own, in silence, no interruptions, in the group, walking, or sleeping. Yes this is very possible and doable, and in fact highly enjoyable. The point is, do what is enjoyable for you. Find the technique that you enjoy and when you find it, do it. Do it daily, five minutes, ten minutes, an hour it doesn't really matter as long as you do it and as long as you do it constantly. Now, I can suggest and go on about for the benefits of meditation but I'm not going to do that because I want to give you something really practical that you can take and start taking a more enjoyable, cheer-able, and desirable experience of your meditation. So, I'm going to give you four suggestions of meditation that is easy and fun and light. And this could hopefully get you going in terms of your practice. First they need, is the 99-breath technique. Yes, it takes 99 breaths and count every breath. If you mind one breath just get back to the counting. And you will find that some points, less toxin. So take my word for it, try it. Next is the meditation of nap. This is my personal favorite. Find yourself a comfortable chair or hammock, or bed or even on the floor doesn't really matter. Lie down, make yourself comfortable, make sure you're warm. You can even listen to some music and then just close your eyes and do absolutely nothing. Now, you may fall to sleep or you may have truly inside's zen moment or you may just float of. It doesn't really matter. The experience will be completely divine and sublime. Again, don't take my word for it, try it. The next one is the walking meditation. So while you are walking, you can do this anywhere. Wherever you are, wherever you're walking. While you are walking, activate your peripheral vision. In other words, don't look at any one thing specifically with focus. So as you are walking, you are looking at everything to the front and to the sides. That activating your peripheral vision. When you do this, it naturally shuts down the brain and stops you from thinking. So this is the brilliant way for you to get to that space of inner silence. Again, try it, don't take my word for it. It works, it really does. As I said before, if you can't find the technique that works for you, try different techniques from different places and combine them into something that will be enjoyable for you. Now also remember that when meditating there are few things to you keep in mind. Comfort is one of them. Make sure that you are warm because the body temperature can still drop significantly while you are meditating. Thirdly, find yourself a meditation reward. For me, when I do the 99-breath technique. The first 39 breaths are totally boring and then something happens when I get to sixty. I go into complete bliss. It's amazing. This is what I called my 60-second less release reward. That's why I meditate. Find yours. And then, lastly, use help. Diminishes, techniques out there, find it, use it, try it, until you find something that you enjoy. So, there you have it. I hope this helps. And I hope it makes your meditation experience more enjoyable. Have fun and enjoy.

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