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Everyone knows himself well and there is no need for counseling


When you need, when do you know it's the right time to seek the support of counselor, coach, psychologist or a [inaudible]. It's never the right time. We were always saying in hindsight, that you know, "I should've done this long ago." I say when a child starts understanding what happens in this realm in this world that we all participate in, a child should then be coached by an elder. In a perfect world, the wise ones - the elder ones - these are the ones the need to coach us. Why must they coach us at such an early age? For the simple reason that it is just the culture that's been passed on to us from our parents and it's a culture that has been passed on from their parents. So, it's simply nothing is wrong. There's nothing wrong about being taught a culture or a religion or anything from your parents. I'm just saying they didn't always have the tools or the workable tools. So what is the workable tool then? For each of us, it is different. So, when going to a counselor, coach, psychologist, we obviously have issues and we'd like to sort them out. Did they ever get sorted out? I don't know. In my opinion, in the research that I've done, I find that people go to psychologists for five years and still battling with the same issues. Does it work for them? Obviously, it does. For both parties, otherwise, they will not have that relationship. We should not need anyone to counsel us or coach us. We should actually know that in appropriate or this is not inappropriate for now. I know that. I'm simply making a point that there are no one wiser than you. No one knows you as well as you do. You keep secrets from everyone - from your partner, from your mother, your father. And bottom line is, you don't come clean with any of it really or most of it. So, do you need help? Do you need a certain direction? I think you know the answers. And in this case, I know the answers. I know the answers to my own life. I know how to sort it out. Then always push myself to do it but yes, I do know the answers.

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