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When you start doubting if you're still in the right direction or not


At this point I almost regret that I picked this question because it is such an individual question, when do you know it's a right time to seek the support of a counsellor or coach psychologist through another healer? It is so individual, it's so different from person to person, I normally always say okay, if you lost somebody in your life that somebody has past it's a good idea to seek some support it might not have to be a psychologist it can be any kind of healing or supportive modality it can be a regular massage, it can be anything that is just about you, if you had incidence in your life when you're not satisfied with an outcome, you're not quite happy, you're just feeling a little bit off, Im not talking about, we all have days when we kind if feel a little bit off, we all have situations where "nah you could've done that differently or nah you should've done that differently" or we would have made that definite choice. Im talking about when that sneaky kind of suspicious feeling of, this is not feeling okay, it's not making quite that much sense, it's, am I really going in the right direction, i'ts that, it's that almost like of a nagging of the thought at the back of your mind where you like "maybe I should have done that differently" it's like that ice cream that you shouldnt have had and youre like "nah maybe I shouldnt have had it" but it has a lingering effects whether or not you should seek a counsellor or a coach the benefits of seeking somebody's health or support is not necessarily a friend or a family member it is, they're not going to tell you what to do, they're going to make suggestion, they're going to make opportunities available that might not have been there, different avenues that werent visible before is when you feel stuck in a corner if friend, its when you feel like the walls are falling in on you, it's when, when you feel that you've come to the dead end and there's just no other way to go, that's definitely the right time to seek some support, some things going to snap at one point so, if there is that nagging little thought in the back of your mind where you feel like maybe it's never wrong to seek help, it's never wrong, it's never the wrong choice, there's always the opportunity of well you know, it's, it's I've got a few options here, I have a few suggestions and even though it might not be the right choice for you at least it give you something, it give you, I dont know how to put it, it's like you get a different perspective you talk to somebody who is not related to you, they will be able to see things from a different perspective it's, it's a, it's not emotionally involve and it gives you the liberty to be honest and not just honest to somebody else but honest towards yourself and most frequently when were talking with family and friends which we feel obligated to maybe say, maybe diplomatic in our assessment or judgement we're talking about you, we're talking about you and what you want and when that feeling is kind of diluted that's when you would want to find the guidance that's from, from somebody else, counsellors, coach or maybe even a massage that's, that's the time.

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