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Children of today are suffering from depression


__________Laurel_____ They had found a study that had shown three year old's were struggling with, now how did they say it, I don't know if they said depression. Depression or anxiety and oh I'm sorry I wish I-I'm thinking it was depression and this person said how is that possible that a three year old is depressed? And what I know about these children that I'm working with, I don't call them gifted any longer I call them sen-sensitive and they are sensitive in a meriative ways they're sensitive spiritually. This young little beings because they are so much wiser and they are so much more aware than we were as children they actually, um they-they-they need to be treated differently and what I'm finding is because we are in such an open society it's rather overwhelming for them and what I mean by that is we have access to technology that takes us all around the world, that tells us all the whores of what's going on around the world and for a little being that is overwhelming. We also have so much more pressure these days within the house hold its self. Everybody's working so much harder than they did, you know mothers theirs worlds have shifted so dramatically they are no longer the primary care giver in the home they are, you know doing the primary care giving or sharing the care giving but they're also still taking care of the house for the most part um they are working full time they are th- a lot of women I know who are even working full time take on a part time job. So what we get is we get this hassle-bussle, busy-busy beasty household where everybody is doing way too much and in that shift we have shifted our children, so our children feel more, do more, see more um and basically are overwhelmed.

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