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When you can no longer understand your situation is the best time to seek help


According to Neil, nobody has his own tools, his own answers, to solve, to cope with most of the challenges, difficulties of life. But for sure when we have too much confusion, when we are in the fog, we were no more able to see anything, to understand over hand by the events. It's read the right time to seek and to ask for someone's help. What kind of help can we ask? I think that we have to be holistic and not to be focused with psycho emotional help. And consulting myself for instance, I have been seeking for some help with massages, something the way physically. And also I use a lot of compliment or alternative medicine. For me what has been very efficient to us to use fluorescent seeds. It's something that truly help you to cope at the psycho emotional level. It helps you to understand your situation. You're not overhand with your emotions, and so you can understand and judge the different events of your life's situations in a better way. So don't be focused on thing, one method, or one person. I think it's truly important to be still open mind to keep the possibility to say yes or no or I won't or I don't want or to decide what is the best person or the best method to use to help us in this kind of situation. Because there are so much people that can help us but sometime it's more confusing. So we will have to try gently and to see how we react with the person or with the method.

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