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Benefits of qigong and meditation


_________Cynthia Sue Larson___________ I do a lot of meditation, a lot of what you would call qigong. The energy body, um, the energy field that surrounds everything in their lives. So, usually we're not so conscious of what's going on with the energy field. Yeah, subconscious feelings have a tremendous power to affect our reality. The idea with qigong is to work together with breath, movement and visualization. And, so I do use very individualize qigong exercises with each person, so that they can clear their energy that may be stuck, for example. Just like they go to see someone for acupuncture that it would be clearing blockages and do the same thing with your energy feel overall. And the energy chords connecting you to other people and other aspects of your life. We're just connected in this big web of consciousness. So, if you clear the chord between you and the people around you, you can immediately feel improvement. It makes a big difference in your romantic relationship, family relationships. _________ J.J. Thiret ___________ That's all awesome. So, how long have you been practicing this? _________Cynthia Sue Larson___________ A little bit more than 10 years, like 12 years. Meditation it's a powerful tool and it's a catch turn just like qigong. These are huge, huge tools, and a tool can each of us have access anytime. So, it is a combination of focus and, um, it's just really getting centered of being aware of who you are. And, we might think it's very simple to identify yourself. _________ J.J. Thiret ___________ Well, maybe I've been doing a long, but I've been on that search for more than 35 years. _________Cynthia Sue Larson___________ Right. Then, you know that when you get the view of above when you look at yourself, and you can see. That's the one who's having this experience. That one right there, that Cynthia one is having those feelings as loveable attachment that gives you a gift in that experience, that awareness of recognizing that if I'm the one who's observing this, then who am I really. It really raises amazing questions about our own identity if we're able to observe our mortal selves and that has big implications for immortality. _________ J.J. Thiret ___________ Well, I think it's a life long journey, isn't it? _________Cynthia Sue Larson___________ It is a life long journey. There's no way to fall off the wagon, so to speak. I think people sometimes baldy. They feel like I'm not meditating everyday or not spending enough time. Um, it's just brushing your teeth. It's very similar, actually. We often feel like I don't have time for that. But if you don't do it, then you don't like what happens and same thing is true meditational, although it might be more settled in terms of how it affects us.

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