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Values, integrity, and getting needs met makes people happy


What makes people truly happy? Well that's different for each and every person. However, when I think about being happy I think it's about being in integrity where your thoughts, words and actions are all in alignment. Along with your needs are met because if our needs are unmet those little potholes get in the way and we feel uncomfortable or unhappy. So those need to be filled and we need to live according to our values. What is it that we really feel is very important to us that without being in alignment with our values would make us feel uncomfortable or unhappy? I have found that by being in integrity, getting my needs met, and living according to my values has made me feel very happy. I don't have to be rich. I don't have to be famous. I don't have to be the expert that everyone comes to. I am confident in my abilities. I contribute where I feel is the most beneficial and that makes me truly happy. When I'm out of integrity, I don't feel happy. I feel unsettled and my gut just says something is wrong here. Now that I can recognize that, I can do something great at the moment by telling what I really want and to do it in a nice way. Not in a complaining way. Life becomes so much better that way. So values, integrity, getting your needs met; to me, that helps make a person very happy.

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