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Living your life from inside out not the other way around


__________Sandra__________ My aim now is to quiet the outside noise so that my intuition can get louder and louder and I can tap into it much easier so I'm cultivating the relationship so that the communication can flow much easier, If it makes sense. So it's almost awakening your spirit and so you're starting- your letting you're your body relinquish powers so for me the body needs my external world so I relinquish that power I give my spirit the driver- the driving seat and now it's in charge it's driving. And my spirit fills my mind with thoughts and the truth is my thoughts are gonna- gonna manifest in my life which is my outer world my body and-and that is the awakening that is where the power lies for me inside out but most people today live their life from the outside in right? If I just enough of money then I'll be okay and I'll be comfortable you know, if I look in certain way then I'll just be alright, if I have the right job and then it's all these external things once their all lined up then I'll be at peace and then that never comes right because you're going from the outside in as supposed to the other way around, this is just another way looking at it.

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