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When ego gets in the way in the workplace


_______Kyla Tustin_______ there is a lot of ego, and a lot of it comes down to people, as i mentioned i think earlier, people are forgetting that they're dealing with humans and people step in and there is a lot of ego in the work environment, and there is that whole competitive fear based energy, and so what we are hoping, i think millions of people out there are trying to do at the moment is to bring it back to those hot sense of way of living which means that the politics, the ego, becomes less important, and it becomes more of that seeing everybody working as a collaboration and actually supporting each other and understanding that people do have stressful things going inside and outside of work, but when you actually allowed that time to connect and maybe stepped out of your own agenda for a moment and see what's going on in, and lot of it comes down to this a lot of work that ideally clients around projection, which is really looking at what is the reaction or the responses coming up on you, just something that's going on in the environment, when that's where it comes down to this knowing yourself deeply and becoming really aware of what your projections might be or what your responsibility is in that relationship, then it allows you, it's like things fall off you, that before you used to react really strongly to it, it's like that old saying ?, you really find yourself reacting in a much more balance way that people, otherwise what happens is the politics picks up, everyone's ego picks up, everyone is then just wanted to step on top of each other and really through that nothing is games

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