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A deeper understanding of drugs and their effects


__________Kristina Diener__________ Addictions in general are manifestations of trauma. People would do anything to avoid pain anything, if you, if you are taking something like substance that makes you feel good it could be sexual addictions, anything that makes you feels good and addict, and that's it you could become addicted to it but anything that makes the person feel good believe me its pain. __________J.J. Thiret__________ You know a-and I was talking about that and I was trying to relate it to kind of how the body uh the body. Because I have a degree in psych but um, didn't go nearly as far you did. But um, that the body tries to maintain homeostasis the brain does to us well and, and, and, and, we almost naturally want to feel good you know and-and get a balance um, and so if we're feeling bad do you think that's you know and they get the drug they end up feeling, I mean I've heard like that heroin users uh, at first they feel that high but after that they just take it to feel normal. __________Kristina Diener__________ Well that's where the addiction process begins they start building up the tolerance and they have to take more and have to take more and then start to [?] overdosed on it the body can only take so much and this isn't even prescription pills we have very huge influx in people who are addicted pre-pre-prescriptions medicines doctor Shapiro right I mean and yeah, teen agers too they get their drugs from their parents their parents, their parents have all kinds of prescriptions medicines the kids are raiding tha-tha-that their closets for it. I mean even [?medicine?] is sold on the streets. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Right, right so can you tell, can you tell our audience um, and I hope fully that there is a distinction what is the difference between dependence and um, also addiction so you know [??] it's like logical physical dependence or addiction, is there a difference? __________Kristina Diener__________ Well here is a good example cocaine is not exactly physical, is not physically addictive like heroin, cocaine is psychologically is addictive __________J.J. Thiret__________ Okay. __________Kristina Diener__________ Heroine is physically addictive __________J.J. Thiret__________ Okay. __________Kristina Diener__________ You go to withdraws you go to different kinds of withdraws too with cocaine but heroine is actually a physical addiction I mean addiction is something that you mean you get people here I work in California department of corrections for 5 years there is a level four-a level four silver max __________Kristina Diener__________ And um, you are basically doing fir-tertiary prevention with lifers so, many-many-many of those inmates where in there for some time with their drug related problem whether they were selling, they were in there for murder a drug dealer gone bad, armed robbery for heroin armed robbery for drugs its very-very common. People will kill for their drugs. In addiction you build up such tolerance for it you absolutely-absolutely you have to have it. Dependence is a little bit less of that but there are drugs that are actually physically dependent that a-addictive and believe or not cocaine is psychologically addictive it's not physically addictive like heroine

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