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Simple tips on how you can break the pattern of anxiety


You can break the pattern of anxiety by choosing to see what it is you're anxious about differently. And recognizing that most of the time what you worry about doesn't ever occur. And it's more likely to occur and you're more likely to create it giving it more energy with the thoughts that you're thinking and worrying about that you don't want to create. I would also recommend just deepening your breath in those moments that you feel anxious as hard as that is because you feel so constricted and you're holding on for dear life to control what it is you feel so out of control about. So deepening your breath, I find, you know, developing a meditation practice on a daily basis is so helpful to managing everyday anxiety and building up your immunity to it. Doing things that can channel your anxious energy whether it's something creative. So writing, I found journaling very helpful for me in the past and doing things that get you into your body and out of your head. So enjoyable exercise, whether its dancing, yoga. Yoga is also really a great way to kind of calm your nervous system and another tool I'd recommend for you to try. And just to know that it's gonna be okay and that you handle the anxiety before. That you are handling it now. That you are safe. That you were meant to live a wonderful, brilliant feel good life and that this will pass. This anxiety will pass. And I found very helpful to make lists of what I'm grateful for in those anxious moments and that kind of calms me down and helps me realize that everything as it is in this moment is okay and that I have so much to be grateful for. And I really encourage you to just practice trusting and I've also found helpful making a worry time daily where you worry for five minutes and get all that anxious energy out and all of the things that you're anxious about and worried about and kind of after you do that anything that comes up, those anxious thoughts, kind of saying to yourself "I'll worry about that tomorrow during tomorrow's worry session". And I find that it's a really great way to kind of put off this anxious mind pattern on a daily basis and channel it effectively and not make it consume you all day, every day. So I hope some of these tools help you. They've helped me and I wish you all the best on your journey.

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