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Methods for addiction recovery


__________J.J. Thiret__________ Do you see some um, that have recovered and then that have sobriety or you know whether their they've been in recovery that that they turn to uh, some type of religion or that maybe that they can practice meditation, do you help them do things anything's like that. __________Kristina Diener__________ Yes, definitely absolutely I insist upon some kind of a meditation practice, some kind of a yoga practice I mean if they're not Denver or something assigned I insist on meditation practice they would do a lot of journaling, they keep notes or they do [? to ?] , they come in with um, story boards of their lives, we do a lot of narrative work ,yes they go to the core from inside out with do psycho drama. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Yeah, sounds like you give, when you say I give him homework you put them, when you know when its work it's not just about yeah, I'm going to go see you and let's talk about your past and what you did when you were 13, and yeah you hear all that you say you're sorry and they're laying on the couch traditional um, therapy. __________Kristina Diener__________ Psychoanalysis, well yes I mean I need to know what happened specially if there was a history of a-abuse and sexually abuse or something however yes they don't, no I don't call to be a couch potatoes. __________J.J. Thiret__________ (giggles) __________Kristina Diener__________ It's amongst those 100 I'd say 99.9% [?] of behavioral therapy. __________J.J. Thiret__________ So it's kind of like, okay that you get the history, you understand okay, here's some what's your, what's the plan of action, where do you think you need to go, like I kind of think that's what you said and then even if they don't know, you're giving them homework they'll figure out the way I think, I think what you're saying is you want the, the plan to come from them not from you telling them what they need to do necessarily. __________Kristina Diener__________ No certainly not but uh, right that we create what I call a map Master Action Plan let's just get one thing that's needs to change ,what are you going to do today, now what about tomorrow, in structure that they, problem is that most of this this people have no structure they have no [? ] and even if they are employed they are completely erratic so its structure a, b, c, d let's make the words, okay we're going to do this now its uh, consider it like a person who needs to be focused okay now this what we're doing and the moment what we're doing its very satellite what are the moment that you're doing it, what are you doing now, what are you focused on now, what are you thinking about now, what are your thoughts, okay. So they keep journals, what I call a thoughts journals, thinking journal it doesn't have to be a Russian novel what they need to do is like they'll hit on a ton and this how I feel today and were worrying about the feeling it would where do you feel when you are in your bite. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Oh good, good. __________Kristina Diener__________ [?] Medically experience where is that in your body, where is the pain, what is the pain feel like so, we do a lot of work with that [?] with systematic experiences. __________J.J. Thiret__________ That's wonderful yeah.

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