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Teleportation and the wonders of technology


_________ J.J. Thiret _________ just like there was a craze to be a hippie ? peace, love, make love, not war or people painting in flowers all around instead of gang graffiti. Um, and everything would be grooving again, right? _________ Cynthia Sue Larson _________ That's what I love about the idea reality shifts cause' just like you can lose a sock in the laundry, you can also have good things happen too. And so... I mean just out of the blue, just like quantum believe to another reality. This that happen when we meditate more or when we raise our energy, or when you worry less. So, although it's good to look at these questions, it's important not to get sucked into that, sort of that energy meres when you feel helpless. And hopeless. The whole idea of reality shifts is in quantum jumping and all that kind of thing which is seeing these quantum effects on the macro scale. So, we do a tremendous power to change everything, just with the thought, literally. I'm so excited that we're getting validation of this in this laboratory in the last 12 months for around the world. With things like quantum teleportation, or when you can actually move something from one part of a room to another ? they're doing that in China right now. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ Well, did you see the movie, "The fly"? _________ Cynthia Sue Larson _________ I didn't see that movie. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ Oh, yeah. The fly he built to teleport. And had wires, and it would take the genetic make-up and transport it from one place to the other. The only problem was that when he was testing the first time, a simple house fly flew into the teleport with him and combined the DNA with him, and he was half fly, half human. Yeah, and then he started losing his teeth and turned into this big fly. _________ Cynthia Sue Larson _________ That story contains the elements we're talking about right now which is the concern of so many of us now with the wonders of technology that things can go terribly wrong, and things we're never intended of getting introduced into whether is plastic or electro smog, possibly chaotic cancer clusters around these cell terrors, and we don't want that sort of world so how do we keep on the right track? And that brings us right back to full circle of meditation, gegaan and these very ancient forms of maintaining inner balance and focus. So, when we have thoughts and actions, we're doing things unbalanced with the world.

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