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Understanding the benefits of meditation for a busy person


When I was interested with meditation, I understood the benefit of meditation. I decided to do this everyday . So, it was quite hard because when you have your children , family, good business, clients, you don't want to change too much your habits and you want to continue to have a social life. All these little things of the life.So, it was a good challenge for me . I started to put the frame in place to have my sacred space and I decided to start very in a simple way like deciding to have 5, 10 or 15 minutes and then truly choose the best moment during the day, a place where we would not be disturbed by anything . And Slowly but gently, I was able to do these. So, its very important to create this sacred space around you. For instance, to be sure that the phone will not ring or that the client will not come or that your children will not disturb you or any noise. That, I was so tired to do these at the end of the day. When I was going in bed and just to before to sleep., I started my meditation. Sometimes it's very efficient but sometimes over all the times that it was a problem because youre just starting to sleep. But, why not? it was also a good relaxation and I had a very deep and good sleep.

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