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Be true to yourself


Be true to yourself. Too many people that are in relationships and by the way whether they are partner relationships in life or partner relationships in business, people get into these partnerships for all the right reasons at that time and then one or another or both trying to change each other and I've never understood it. But hands up I've been there in my own personal life where I married someone for what I thought was the right reasons and actually I wasn't being honest. In respect, I didn't agree with a lot of things that were going on in our relationship but I was scared, I was fearful if I said what I thought would I lose my partner? And I don't think it's probably secret is the wrong thing, I think it's just reality that, truth, truth and being truthful is the success to any partnerships. You have to be true to yourself. The minute you're not being yourself then you're in trouble, and that's just my absolute belief. You have to be true to yourself which allows you to be truthful to others and when you are that, yes! Some people are gonna be accept and some people are not gonna like what they hear but if it's a true relationship then do accept it. I have a great line in a book many years ago and I did here as I listen to books. And the line was says it was Jeffrey Fox who wrote the Great Rainmakers, and he said you cannot see the wrong thing to the the right people. I just so lived by that is that you see manage people's expectation and the right person will take on board. Do not going to like everything you have to see, I'll be honest but once you said it and you've been on this about whatever situation if maybe, then the reality is the right person will take you on board and I truly truly believe that because I have had personal experience of it over 10 years ago. I did not get a job. I was into get a certain type of contract, I didn't get to know the person who was in charge of that. I was going out for lunch and told me why. I didn't like it because I knew he was right. I didn't want to hear it because I knew he was right. And I away and didn't speak to him for three weeks but honestly he was at marriage a couple of years ago. He was at my writing. He's a friend for many years and now I'm actually working as a coach within his business. So, he said something that did hurt, I mean at that I was very angry and annoyed. But basically I was angry and annoyed because I knew he was right. And so it just goes back to that statement, you cannot see the wrong things to the right people. Because he respected me enough to tell me why he hadn't done it. He didn't need to do that but I respected him for that. Once I drawn up I really appreciated what he did done for me. So, be true to yourself.

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