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Be grateful even with small things


You could write a gratitude list and so if you're not feeling good about yourself, you probably don't really feel grateful for anything. So you might think, "Well, I don't want to write a gratitude list." But you sit down with the intention to write a gratitude list. You can start off just with, "Oh yeah, it's good that I have a place to sit and a notebook to write in," or "It's good that I have a computer." So, you don't have to feel like ecstatically grateful but just mildly thankful. So you can start like that and usually as you continue this and think of what others am I grateful for, you might notice something beautiful like a tree or a plant and you might feel grateful for that. Or people often start with people in their lives. And we all have people in our lives that we love whether it's now in present or in the past. So we can start adding right? We all have something that we can be grateful for. And usually as we're writing a list, the feeling of gratitude kinda grows more and more so this is something that you can practice. So you can decide everyday, "I'm going to write a gratitude list for a whole page or for five minutes" or whatever you like. Something else that we can do to feel better about ourselves is maybe go to some classes that you'll enjoy. So if you're interested in anything at all, you can find quite some people who meet up together to do this so it could be like an art class or yoga class or learning how to make something. Whatever it is if there's something that interests you, it would be nice to do that with others as well. Humans are really social beings so we usually feel good when we have kind of a social interaction with others. So, you might not be a very sociable person and that's okay. You can still socialize and [inaudible] and be at your own comfort level. So, it might be that you just choose to go somewhere that there's a lot of people around you and you might just kind of...someone might say hello to you or they'll smile or you don't have to go and have a party. But just being with others usually feels good at whatever level you're at. And if you'd like to learn how to be more sociable, there's classes like laughter yoga. It's really really good for encouraging us to be social because we don' have to talk or anything. All we do is we go there turn up with the intention of laughing together with others. And we don't even need to feel like laughing ourselves. We can just follow and play along with the class. So they always say, it's perfect to just kind of pretend to laugh. So you can probably just go..."hahahahahahaha" But you will during the class, definitely have interactions with others and you'll probably feel lighter and uplifted afterwards. So, those are just a few simple things that you can do to feel better about yourself. Thank you.

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