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Understand your inner needs


We really come into to this world knowing how to take of ourselves and never really knowing how to. We, as babies are very aware to do it. From the time we were born, we sets our parents needs and immediately begin to develop the habit of trying to please them and fulfill their needs so theyll take care of us. And later on, our relationships continue along the same line. Ill try to do what you want me to do and be the person what you want me to be if youll be there for me. Give me what I need and dont leave me. That doesnt work out so well because other people rarely can fulfill our needs over the long run. Youre gonna get frustrated and either try to change the other person which never works. Or you resign yourself to settle an exact list of what you want. So the other person that can take care of you, is you. And really begin to take care of your inner needs. Understand what those inner needs are. Listen to your intuition and your feelings about what your needs are. Learn how to express what your needs are in a way that honors you and honors the other person. Its not a skill that we have been taught. In fact, weve been taught its really selfish to do that. Once youve mastered the skill of being able to understand your needs and be able to tell others what your needs are in a way that is not judgmental and complaining or blaming or shaming the others. But just manner factly about what you need. You will find that more times than not, people are more than willing to help you meet your needs and come to a mutually satisfying arrangement to a very healthy relationship. So how does a healthy relationship, first and foremost with yourself? And youll find the rest of your relationship magically fall into place.

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