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Eating healthy food benefits the body


_____Madison_____ So what're some of your favorite high quality foods? And for what reasons? _______Adam Morden____ Okay um. Definitely my, my all-time, the best food out there is kale, it's a, it's a, super food in every way, um, it's a leafy green. It's got more fiber nutrients, and um, minerals. It's even got more protein. And a hundred calories of kale has more protein than a hundred calories of rib-eye steak. Like it's got, it's, the stuff is amazing. Now granted, a hundred calories of kale, is, is you know, besides your head, and a hundred calories of rib-eye steak, is about 2 bites, so, you got, you got... _____Madison_____ You got full off of it. _______Adam Morden____ Hahahaha... _____Madison_____ Hahahaha _______Adam Morden____ You, you have to eat a lot of it, to, to, to really, yeah, to, yeah, to, which you for a long time, a lot of calories out of it, but it's full of tons, like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber nutrients, all kinds of really great things that really help your body, ah, detoxify, keep you more vibrant, and more alive. Give you that energy, so um, and also, ah, and also keep yourself from being, becoming injured. It's like natural anti-inflammatory it's could stop. That one, and the next one after that, it's not so much of food, but it's a supplement, I think absolutely everyone should have, and everyone should take a fish oil supplement. That is... _____Madison_____ Eyyyyyyyy..... _______Adam Morden____ Essential. No matter what your lifestyle is, is, you will always benefit from taking fish oil supplement, it's naturally anti-inflammatory, your whole body would be better, it's an antioxidant. It sharpens mental clarity, keeps focused, increases memory, ah, improves joints. So, you're less likely to have sore, sored ankle joints, so whether you're working at home, and need to recover from my workouts, or working at the computer all day, which is actually far harder on your body than doing hard physical labor, um, and it will, it will help you by recovering and feel better, and safer and you won't get out and going to get that stiffness, that soreness, and, and also you have a healthier fell on your joint, the whole time.

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