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Nature. relax. meditate.


______________________JJ Thiret_____________________________ Hmm so let me ask you this, let's say that I would be fortunate enough to move to Hawaii and I decided you know what I retire whatever it is that I do and I buy a house, I don't buy the TV um and I say goodbye to the internet and yeah I talk to neighbors or whatever but most of my time I spend out in nature. And not if I'm good with meditating am I gonna have still have that monkey mind? And is the monkey mind from past experiences? Or do we blame it on the media and what we are subject to now? In this different world that we live in. ____________________Jennie Lee_____________________________ Well, yeah it's definitely a combination of all the above and even if you lived in a non-technology environment which would be difficult to do today but if you did or even a lower technology environment that there is still the, the racing thoughts of past, present, and future so we are dealing with both an internal experience and external experience. _____________________JJ Thiret______________________________ So even someone who is living in the amazon, hasn't been exposed to the western world, in the Amazon basin in Brazil, and, they somebody was teaching them meditate they're gonna have thoughts going through their head. ____________________Jennie Lee_____________________________ They're gonna have thoughts they're not gonna have is difficult a time as a westerner would though because when we are connected to nature, there is a grounding force in nature that really helps us to get quiet more quickly so someone who is spending a significant portion of their day outside or just involved in a natural physical activity is gonna have a much quicker ability and, and time getting quiet than someone who is plugged in technology all day long.

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