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Tips for busy people on how to make time for meditation


Okay so the question is, "What are some strategies to help busy type-A people to take a time-out to create a daily meditation practice?" The answer is that, you know, for very busy people the only solution is to build it into your routine. If you're very busy, then it's unlikely that you're going to sit down and meditate here and there as the time crops up. But if you build it into your routine, then it's more likely that you'll follow through it on a day-to-day basis. So you need to look at your lifestyle and see is there any window in there that you could use, pretty much on a day-to-day basis, is there a regular time that you could assign to be your meditation time. And if there isn't that you can't find somewhere in your day, then you actually you need to try and create it. What we'll start with finding, we'll start with who you know having [inaudible] and whether or not this option to find the gap. So, look the ideal is to meditate first thing in the morning and early evening. So look at your actual morning routine. Do you commute to work? And if you do, are you driving or are you a passenger? Are you using public transport? Anywhere that you can sit down and close your eyes for five minutes is somewhere you can meditate. And if five minutes in the morning is all that you can give yourself, it is enough. 20 minutes is better but no effort with meditation. No effort is wasted. And if you can do find five minutes in the morning, you're happen to set yourself up for the day. So if you're on a bus, or you know a commuter train, or if you're carpooling with people, you could say, "Look, for five minutes I'm not gonna speak. I'm gonna close my eyes and just meditate and do that. If your morning commute doesn't suit, there's your evening commute. Would that be better? And if not, at lunch time. If you drive to work yourself, if you have your own car, could you go out and spend five to ten minutes in your car at lunch time meditating before you actually eat your lunch? Or if you have your own office at work, again, lunch time, your morning break, you know if you take [inaudible], you know, shut the door and use that time to meditate. And I said, try for ten minutes is not wasted time. Now, if your day is really hectic - if you don't have, if you're driving to work yourself, or you know you're carpooling and it's just not an option in your particular carpool situation. If you cannot, if you really cannot find a window - a five or ten-minute window somewhere in your day, then I'm afraid if you're committed to it, you're going to have to create the time by getting up earlier or by giving up something in your early evening. Like you know, if you have downtime in the evening watching television, take 10, 15 minutes out of that downtime to meditate, you know. Its downtime, too, you know but it has far-reaching benefits. So either take some time out of what you do in the evening or get up earlier in the morning. Now I know, for busy people, who are already getting up early and have long tiring days, they thought of getting up even earlier to meditate. It's kind of hard to find, but when you meditate, you get a very deep level of rest which will more than compensate for the bit of sleep you're sacrificing and very quickly you will actually come to appreciate that and it won't be so [inaudible] to get up that bit earlier. You just want to do it. So those are my tips, I hope they are helpful.

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