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Epigenetic science


_____________________Petrea King_____________________________ The mind is connected to the body and indeed all the research about it, the genetics in particular now, is showing that we are going have to move away from treating diseases and start treating people, um because only 5% of cancer for instance is genetically determined 90-95% of all cancers are lifestyle and environmentally affected. So, lifestyle is all about how we choose to, um, what we choose to eat, sleep, exercise, you know, reducing alcohol, smoking, increasing with nutrition, mindfulness meditation, all of these things, are the things that have an Epigenetic effect. So only 5% of cancers are genetically determined, 90-95% are lifestyle and environment and that's completely within our control ____________________Madison Stern___________________________ Excuse me _____________________Petrea King_____________________________ And so most of our programs and services really are about educating people and encouraging them and empowering them to embrace whatever the challenges that they might have in their life, um with a quiet mind and open heart, and also by taking responsibility for how we care for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

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