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Umang Goel -lnvesting in oneself


Umang: The other analogy I draw is that, I'll do this with you, so bear with me. Let me do this with you. Do you have a car?JJ: Yes. Umang: Why do you have a car, JJ? JJ: Because I'm too lazy to walk, I suppose. Umang: It takes you from place to place. JJ: Yeah, right. Umang: It makes your life easy because it takes you from place to place. Okay, so now, let me ask you, how much money do you spend on your car per year? For example, you take it for annual check-up, you take it for maintenance JJ: Gas and oil, and all that. Umang: Gas, probably once a week or so, and then oil change, so I am guessing minimal, at least, it would be safe to say at least $2,000. JJ: Yes, right. Umang: And, so, that is you're doing that, all that, for a piece of metal that is taking you from place to place which one day, it's going to die and you'll say, Okay, that's fine. I'll buy another one. Now, what about this beautiful body that God gave us as a gift? And, this body is going to take you not from just place to place, it's going to take you from birth to your final destination which is death, and then we meet God, and I like telling myself these stories. I say, if we have not taken care of ourselves, we will say, Oh, I'm so sorry, God. I'm so sorry. I think you gave me this gift, but I didn't take care of it. What God will do is, He'll say, Okay, drop back to work, man. So, I mean, imagine JJ: Try to see if you take care at least of your body, right? Umang: Yeah. I mean, this body which is going to take you to your ultimate destination, how much money do you want to invest in it? Two dollars? You're finding out and looking for heavy discounts? Two dollars?Twenty-five dollars?Thirty dollars? JJ: Right. Umang: That close them off. That literally close them off.

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