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There are lots of times when we need coaching,


Nothing more beneficial than using services of a counsellor or psychologist, coach or any other healing method, obviously I work in the business my name is Justine McGrath Im one of the equilibrate coach and services and but I think in terms of our human experience that all the times, there are always times when we need at some outside help and I think a lot of people think thats a weakness and I would totally disagree with that I think thats a huge frank to admit that I need some help here, often people turns to their family and friends and that was great if you have a very supportive family and friends but sometimes the benefit of a coach or counsellor is that they are very objective, family and friends can be very well meaning but come often and through kindness or whatever theyre not be totally honest with us or actually help us to get to where we need to go and I think personally that using services of anybody and the personal development field is, is truly beneficial its like investing in yourself we all invest in our cars, we all invest in our houses and we certainly invest in our selves on the physical level we have health coach and (inaudible) so, why not look after the mental side the mind does the most important fit of our, of our health it affect everything that we do and I think someones just exploring that is extremely useful. There are many courts to, to buy (inaudible) and the psychologist beyond talks a lot about looking inside yourself and the many benefits to that brings so I would say definitely if you are considering going to see somebody and youre way worrying about it, is it going to be worth it, is it a waste of money, is it never a waste of money thats investment that is really, really useful and (inaudible) always benefit you and just doing a little bit of self-exploration is usually beneficial to your life and the corner stone of emotional intelligence is self-awareness and going to seek a counsellor or psychologist or a healer can help you to become more self -aware and that is always a good thing.

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