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Smiling will makes you feel better


Smile, do you know that smiling is something that you can do to make yourself feel better every day is that something your mommy, your grandma said it's not widest tail it really has an affect the after raising the corners of your mouth and widening your eyes can release chemicals in your brain that say hey, I'm okay and I'm feeling better neuroscience is trying to show us more and more that what you think and how you act intact everything about yourself that mind and body connection I recently watched a ten video from psychologist (inaudible) she talked about research and demonstrates how peoples bio position their bio language impacts not only how people feel about or view you but how you view yourself for example you know if you're seating there hunch down, slouching chair, (inaudible) small you can feel small and people can perceive you as less but if you seat straight up and if you raise your shoulder up you started to feel better about yourself and that translate actually into your brain and different chemicals being release and if you do that every day the chemicals become more common, become more useful (inaudible) you access them she showed us a picture in the video of a (inaudible) Olympic gold medalist you know lets called the pride and victory stands you know hands on the air, smile, the feeling of victory and she said simple things like that actually can make you feel better and more confident so before you go to work, before you have a job interview you can stop just for a minute probably in private not in the middle of the interview and say I can do it put my hands in the air and change the way my brain is actually perceiving the world so little things like that there's lots of things people going to tell you to do and their important you can volunteer, you can help other people out, you can actually help them smile, you can help them change their body language one of the things that I find really useful to do with my children when I see that their down I can't walk up in them with the pride victory stands because we're too far apart what I can do is go to them and be down with them and then I can start to show the pride coming in I can start to show the smile that is mommy making you have a smile but the smile and I can say to them come on we can do it, we can have a better day and they see me doing it I feel better because I'm in the position and so are they so there's little things you can do, you can take care of yourself and you can take care of other people and by doing that every day smiling on a stranger, helping your children, pumping yourself up on a bath before you go to work every day these are the little things that you can do a few minutes each day that can help you feel better about yourself so smile.

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