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No for pharmaceutical medicine go for natural way


What it is a belief or an attitude that I have that is strange or unique, I dont think this is strange or unique, I come from a place where I can say Im an activist, Im an activist Im completely against going for any pharmaceutical medication I say it gives us, I say that we have to eat properly and not with rubbishing in our mouse and what is used up and so its, I go against that, but by going against that I must say that you should I will just scream at and see all the negative stuff and then Ill do something positive about it if, if you can call it positive. What I can say is this that the attitude that I have is that yes I believe pharmaceuticals are just in it for a money and know not concerned about any damage that they caused and Ive got good cost and good experience and good research that will ever back up exactly what I say its not a conspiracy theory its the truth but I say if you, if you (inaudible) the butterfly then you step on the caterpillar. You know I love life, Im not going to step on the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors all Im going to do is Im going to do the natural way the original way, the original medication, the original treatment for people and Im going to keep on doing that they will soon note that what they are doing doesnt work and when is soon, I dont know, soon could be 20 years, could be 200 years but if you see how far weve come soon could be very soon you see how quick these things that will develop in the last up to a 100 years technologically and medication but medicine these realizing and theyve known us for a very long time but they are actually killing society but I say go for tablets do the next routing and you will be very okay and you can change it, you can change it in an instant, it will be a shift it will be a turning point in your life Im giving you, you can change it only you. So this is the attitude that I have thank you those people , thank make them bad and you know what theyve been taught by the people that are in charge no conspiracy fact, hope you enjoy this one.

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