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An expert talks about true happiness vesrus material things


Everyone wants to achieve happiness in their lives this is why most of us think we want a new car, we want a beautiful house, we want wonderful sons, we want the kids and the dogs and the, the job all these things we think for you want in our lives or to make us happy and the ironic thing is that none of these exterior items will bring us lasting happiness you know, studies have showed that whether you win a lottery or whether youre a victim of a devastating accident your happiness level will either short or permanent if they know which one happen there only about a month and then you will return to your normal set point of happiness so if its not about you know, the money or the house or the car, the phone or any of those things will that makes us truly happy well its, truth is the answer is between your ears it all comes back to what youre thinking and what youre feeling so for me that comes back to gratitude because when were feeling love, gratitude appreciation that was the highest vibrations we can aspire to and when youre feeling those feelings you cannot help be happy you want to generate those feeling of inner peace and gratitude and its so simple to do related to (inaudible) and attitude or gratitude you start before you can begin your day why are you seating in bed thinking about the things that you know Im happy to be in this nice form bed and living it great I have these pillow you know these little things like that will begin set your tone and then as soon as you put your feet over there to the bed and say thank you (inaudible) making it your mantra as you move to that (inaudible) I recommend starting a gratitude journal which is simply counting your blessings and writing them down anything that you would not want to be the part so, (inaudible) your belly, attend to your right the ability to do right all of these things are huge you know, just ask somebody you doesnt have them so that not only is this going to fulfil you up with happiness and joy its going to radiate out of you its going to really set the tone for your day because you can be in such a, a fabulous mood you can be just radiate (inaudible) and youre going to match up the other people who are doing the same youre going to match up with more positive people, circumstances, conversation just everything in your life thats going to reflect the tone that you, that empowers that so I would recommend you write ten different things each day you keep it in the same journal if you can so that if you ever feeling unhappy or ungues you can just go back with the journal and review some of your answer and then remember all the things (inaudible) have to be happy about I would recommend that you through each item one by one and just really (inaudible) with feeling the appreciation and gratitude and just feeling how concrete will you truly, truly are when its going to act like magic its just going to open your heart youre just going to feel good from (inaudible) about all the other people that you encountered during the day so this is the source of true happiness and true peace of mind and, and then maybe if maybe circumstances will inspired you bring you that perfect house to that perfect spouse or the perfect job or dog or whatever it is that your heart desire thats going to be secondary though, thats going to add on to your happiness if youre going to come from that and think about more in terms of what youre giving out and what you give in to other people that is going to bring you more lasting happiness, so these little practices youre going to make a big impact in your life I invite you to give them a try and stick with it and I, I would recommend for all these topics that were talking about stick with it for a month and then, and then have a look and see you know, dont trying to see five minutes later look and see if its taking (inaudible)give it some time and just practice this feeling to feel good (inaudible).

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