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Yoga is more than just exercise


_____________________Jennie Lee____________________________ Well the documentation on the postures I mean is thousands and thousands of years old and of course as people do just like with religions, people want to put their brand on it, they want take their, their, their take on the certain number of postures and do it in these sequence or in this way and, and bringing it forward and you know there's, there's pros and cons to it, because do we want to get yoga to the average person and is, is it a good thing for it to be accessible in lots of different forms? Yes, I think it is, but I hope that people don't stop with the corner yoga class you know where maybe they're just learning 26 postures but they, there is so much more to it than that. And if that teacher doesn't at least dangle the carrot of what is available beyond this 26 postures let say in this format that they've developed and put their name on, then that students never gonna inquire further and there's just so much more.

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