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Knowing or not knowing that you have self-limiting beliefs


_____Patricia Mc Adam____ There's some of us that, that "No, I know my limiting, I know <?> my limiting beliefs for sure. Uhm, but yeah, absolutely there's people that don't know. And, you know, you can tell that people have limiting beliefs, there's three things, there's three areas. Look at their language, how do they speak? Do they use victim language? That, for example: "I'm not good enough. People always take advantage of me. I never win at anything". Well, that language that I call "victim language" so, to me that, you know, that reflects how they feel about themselves. Their behaviors, behaviors that they do whether it's sabotaging behaviour uh, any recurrent patterns, recurrent patterns that they have in their, in their, in their lives. So you wanna look at those 3 things to figure out if you have a limiting belief to check it's like, okay just, just by becoming aware of your language and the behaviors any inconsistencies like or, you know, people who procrastinate. And I, I, I'm talking about severe procrastination.(CUT OUT LAUGHING).ha ha ha! No, well, I think we all procrastinate to a certain extent but I-it's part of a, a, a bigger picture, you know, just why do you procrastinate? What is it? What belief that you have uhm, just because you procrastinate doesn't necessarily mean that you have this really terrible limiting belief but you wanna look at the "whys". You wanna look at, you know, you wanna take a snapshot of your, your actions and your behaviors Yeah absolutely, self-check you want to be really honest, you want to be very honest and I think it, it takes a lot of reflection and courage to really look at, to look at where you're at, where we're at, you know, sometimes we, we not necessarily don't always like to, to look at our flaws, to look at like "wow, yikes I have these beliefs here" because then what do you do with it. But you know what, awareness is so powerful. That is the first key because then, you've empowered yourself and when, if you- you're aware of that limiting belief that comes up, and you, it rears its ugly little head, you have a choice, you can talk to yourself and think "Okay, so Patricia, this belief has come up. I can either, I can either let it control me, and be fearful or I can be courageous and face it and do something to challenge that.

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